Tierra Costa is an idea and concept that started out with the love for sea food and rib roasts from old Mexico. The concept of the dishes, are about capturing classic dishes from the coast of Mexico and it’s interior. More importantly, using original ingredients and utilizing traditional methods are paramount to achieve a true representation of the classics. Tierra Costa strives to maintain integrity, quality and originality for all dishes created.


Ceviche Origins

Ceviche a popular dish from different regions within south, central and north America. Traditionally ceviche is a specialty dish that is prepared raw, or cooked with citrus juices such as lemons, limes and or sour oranges. A variety of fresh herbs and chiles may be added to give flavour and texture.

Costillar Origins

The word barbeque and its methods are up for debate, but here are a few possible explanations. The word barbe-a-que, which in French means from snout to tail, usually referring to a large game animal or pig that will be roasted for several hours ranging anywhere from at least a few hours to almost half a day…